"The Food Is Next Level; Comforting, Hearty & Nutritious flavours are UNREAL"

- thelittlelondonvegan 

Two lovers sharing our love through food....

Rogue Vegan was born in February 2017 out of the need for healthier plant based food that would satisfy the desire for delicious, culturally diverse food.


We recognised that there were so many yummy favourites that weren’t available for the vegan diet, and those that were available used certain nasties in their food. Our aim was to give the people clean whole food options which also met the foodies needs. 

We incorporate wholefoods, ancient grains, fruits and nutritionally dense vegetables into all of our dishes. We source the highest quality salts, herbs & spices as we know your output is only as good as your input.

And keep it to yourself, our main ingredient at our restaurant is LOVE